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All clips are in .mp3 format and were encoded at 96 kb/sec at 44,100 Hz. Download em then listen to them on your computer's music player. Click here to download a music player if you don't have one.

Ned Braden

Are you guys brothers? 95 kb
What are you doing? 104 kb
Yearbook 102 kb


Joe McGrath

Bail 59.5 kb
Bunch of pussies 126 kb
Clinker for this 25.5 kb
Masturbater 285 kb
Piss on Eddie Shore 77.8 kb


Johnny Upton

Chrysler plant 25.5 kb
Fashion show 447 kb
Horrible looking 300 kb
Disgrace 27.3 kb


Maurice Wanchuk (Moe)

Cover their jugs all up 51.2 kb
Deep cut 39 kb
Georgeous snatch 71.7 kb
Get your butt in gear 117 kb
Higher in the thigh 128 kb
She comes up to me... 72.6 kb
Palm Isle 296 kb
Snatch by the pool 22.1 kb
Southern tour 89.8 kb
Soap opera comments 26.1 kb


Jim Ahearn

Downy 34.7 kb
Pee pee, eh? 147 kb


Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken

They don't call me... 31.6 kb
Major surgery, open heart 32.8 kb



Dummy, you won (ref) 34.4 kb
I hate you Braden! (crowd) 82.1 kb
Dunlop, you stink! (crowd) 88.9 kb
Spirit of the thing (Dunn) 187 kb
Straighten you out (Tuttle) 26.7 kb
Too old to play (Donaldson) 206 kb
Kill the bastard! (Trainer) 32.2 kb
Piss all over myself (Brophy) 249 kb
Wife and kids (Bowler on TV) 135 kb
He called me a... (Dunn's kid) 44.5 kb
Get Right Back (Song dubbed with movie clips) 133 kb


Hanson Brothers

Putting on the foil 195 kb
Stick 'em, fuck 'em, Christ, pop 'em 575 kb
You broke the darn car 416 kb
Dave's a killer 32.5 kb
Right in his mind 79.4 kb
Keys to the camper 99.9 kb
Listening to the song 92.5 kb
Pizza man 222 kb
Machine took my quarter 455 kb
Stinkin' root beer 39.9 kb
Nail 'em 32.3 kb
Old time hockey 103 kb
You know Toe Blake? 42.9 kb
Buy you a soda 60.4 kb
White Avenger 16 kb


Reg Dunlop

Big afro 268 kb
Bounty 107 kb
Dunlop, you suck... 70.5 kb
Fag to me 77.8 kb
Gloves off, stick down 90.7 kb
Hanrahan's an ape 42 kb
His wife was a dyke 127 kb
Lady of Spain 32.8 kb
Old goalies 134 kb
Parasite 63.1 kb
Scouts? 20.3 kb
She's a dyke 50.9 kb
She's a lesbian... 54.9 kb
Suzanne sucks... 34.6 kb
Toys with 'em 198 kb
You're fucked 49.1 kb


Denis Lemieux

Blouse 149 kb
Continue sa saison 144 kb
Hallergy to those fans 65.9 kb
Like a horse 82.4 kb
Tell Detroit 273 kb
Who own the Chiefs? 134 kb


Jim Carr

Broom County 114 kb
Carnival-like atmosphere 70.5 kb
Fiasco 136 kb
Flick of the wrist 142 kb
Syracuse Bulldogs intro 1.42 Mb
This is hockey! 53.6 kb

If you are unsure how to listen to these clips after you download them... watch where you are saving them to on your computer during the download process (usually many people save them automatically to their "My Download Files" folder)... then go to that folder when you are finished and click on that file to listen to it (assuming you have a music player... if you don't have a music player then go to the top of this page and download a music player).


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