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"The Rusty Rhen"

The Rusty Rhen is the sister boat to the Kadi Mae and is owned and captained by Alister Beaton. Alister's sons assist him during the lobster fishing season. Allister also fishes Bluefin Tuna in the late summer and fall aboard the Rusty Rhen. Their home port is also Antigonish Harbour... more specifically at 'the Canal' at the end of the South Side Harbour road in Antigonish County (the Rusty Rhen is moored on the right of your screen and the Kadi Mae the left in the background). Here are a few snap shots of the Rusty Rhen in action during the lobster fishing season (May - June).

The Rusty Rhen:

Rusty Rhen... full steam ahead


The Rusty Rhen takes a break

Ready to dump.... almost

Hungry helper

Jonathan knows how to relax during a powwow

Shane holds the boats together

Mechanics at work

Filling up

Hot Pursuit

All done but the cleaning

Dark day

Picking seaweed

Picking seaweed

Picking seaweed

Picking seaweed

Happy to have picture taken

Hanging out... of the window

Landing day... almost done

At the scales

Special order

Checking the weight



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