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Where Are We?

In the cosmic scale of things we exist in a multidimensional universe. In the boring and less acurate 3 dimensional Neutonian paradim we are known to exist in what we call the universe. Within this so-called universe exists billions of gallaxies, we exist in the milky way galaxy (pictured).


Many stars exist within each galaxy... our star, Sol, is pictured dimly as the second star from the top (near the "W" of Where)... we're kinda on the fringe or boondocks of our galaxy. These so-called stars can get pretty darn hot and it is strongly suggested that when visiting a star that you liberally appy a sunscreen of 50 or better!

The surface of our sun Sol as taken by a Japanese tourist

Around many stars orbit what are called planets that make up a solar system. We, fortunately, live on the 3rd planet of 9 (arguablly 8 because Pluto was demoted to a big ball of ice... seen below, and still others speculate about other planets such as the dreaded 'planet X' with a longer orbital cycle of 3600 years) from the star Sol.

Pluto and Charon it's moon looking toward our Sun


This planet (the 3rd one from Sol) is known to the inhabitants as Earth (seen below)... sometimes referred to as the Blue planet. When traveling away from our planet, one must be careful to return in the correct time-line and dimensional shift to "our" earth and not the dreaded planet of the Apes (this can be quite upsetting). It is a nice planet, and we like it... at least most of us do... those that don't have the option to leave.


Earth... the Blue planet


Where was I? Oh yes... so here we are living on this chunk of rock hurtling around our star at roughly 150,000km per second (and not experiencing motion sickness... go figure). This planet is covered in mostly water (H2O)... but in some places land juts out of the water and if it is large enough we call this formation a continent (otherwise we demote it do being an island). There are a bunch of continents 9 I think at the last count... we live on the one called North America (featured prominently on the sunnyside of the planet above).

The continents of Earth

North America

Now on many of these continents lots and lots of lifeforms exist. We, human beings, are one such lifeform... but strangely enough we seem to have taken pretty much control over this planet (much to the deep chagrin and vexation of most of the other resident lifeforms). We can be found in many many places on the face of this planet... except the places that out and out just kill us. We live on the continent of North America... oh yeah I already said that and even showed you a picture. This continent of North America (also known as Turtle Island) is further divided into smaller sections (as are the other continents) called countries... now this gets pretty tricky because if you were to hover or fly over the top of these continents you would not see these countries or even realize that you had passed from one to another. The dominant lifeform (that would be us humans) decided that they just really can't get along that well with each other. So what they decided to do was that all the humans who thought one way would live in their own section of the planet away from those humans who thought a different way. So it was that countries arose... big places where lifeforms who thought one way could live apart from other similar lifeforms who thought another way. We live in a country called Canada (seen below). It is the top of North America... but I don't really know what it is that we think or how we are different from other places that think differently... but I'm sure that there is a good reason for the existence of Canada!

Flag of Canada - click to hear or download national anthem


It is a big place with lots of space (but shrinking) and the lifeforms living here seem to enjoy being cold and freezing for much of the 365 day orbit of planet Earth around Sol. Many of the humans found in Canada put on shoes with a sharp edged steel rail on the bottom during the winter months (when the Earth is tilted further away from Sol in it's orbit) and whiz around on the surface of stiff or 'frozen' water.

Where was I? Oh yeah... Canada! So within Canada, as with many other countries, it is further divided into sub-regions... we call them provinces. We live in the Province of Nova Scotia (seen below... tiny place almost looks like an island). It's pretty small in the scheme of things but most of the inhabitants like it... they like it alot.

Eastern seaboard

Much of the activity of this small place (because it is sooo close to the edge of where the land juts out of the water... coastline) involves going out on the water and taking lifeforms beneath the water back to dry land where they are eaten by humans and sometimes their pets (much to the dismay of the lifeforms taken back to dry land)... this activity is called 'fishing'. Many of the human inhabitants of this place are involved in some way with the whole process of taking these creatures out of the water.


We live in county (a further division of the region called Nova Scotia) in the northern part of this region... the place is called Antigonish. Now if you ask 12 different people (humans) what the name Antigonish means you'll likely get 2 different answers... the right one and the wrong one (usually the wrong one is, "I don't know!" or "F--- --- and leave me alone!" or both!). The right answer is "Place where bears go to break branches off trees" (not sure what kind of trees). It is assumed that lots of the lifeform, called bear, come from all over the globe to break branches off of the trees in this place. Now almost everyone I know has yet to see these migrating bears breaking branches here... don't get me wrong it's not that there aren't bears here... we just haven't seen the scientific evidence that backs up the claim of the title of "Antigonish". So while people were waiting for the bears to show up a town sprung up (as seen below)... and strangely enough was called Antigonish.

This satellite image from some years ago shows the bustling town of Antigonish. It bekons to a time when bowling and pool were important... damn important!


Well we don't live here... actually we live outside of the town of Antigonish... a place called South Side Harbour (a place where pool and bowling and tabletop hockey are still important... damn important!). Many people call this place God's country... and if it say's so on the map it must be so!

Antigonish, South Side Harbour: a.k.a. God's Country

If you click on God's Country above you can see a more detailed map of the area. Well this is where we live... more or less... if you feel the need to contact us visit our Contact Page.... Happy fishing!





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