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"The Kadi Mae"



Kadi Mae berthed at the Canal


The Kadi is owned and captained by Darrel Beaton. She is a 43' fiberglass Gallion class fishing vessel built in 1993 on Prince Edward Island and is powered by a 470hp diesel Volvo engine. The Kadi Mae can clock about 21 knots depending upon the seas and the load aboard (if she's fully loaded with rotund sales guys from Ottawa and weighed down with a huge fishbox full of ice and beer then we may only get 18 knots out of her). She is fully equiped with the most modern of electrical gadgets (except auto-pilot... someday... someday...). The Rusty Rhen, owned and captained by Allister Beaton (Darrel's dad), is her sister ship and was built at the same time by the same ship builder. The unique style (specifically the hull design) of the Gallion class vessels allow them to cut through the water without throwing alot of water. She weighs in at 10.63 tonne, which makes it a challenge to carry her to the water after sitting idle in the yard for the winter. Usually when the vessels are ready and raring to go, Darrel will arrange for Billy Grant (the 'Goat') to load the Kadi Mae onto his specially created boat trailer and haul it down to the canal where it is slid into the water.

The Kadi Mae usually fishes lobster in the spring (May - June) and then Bluefin Tuna in the late summer and fall. Their home port is the Antigonish Harbour... more specifically at 'the Canal' at the end of the South Side Harbour road in Antigonish County (the Kadi Mae is moored on the right of your screen and the Rusty Rhen the left in the background). Here are a few snap shots of the Kadi Mae in action.

The Kadi Mae:


Where are all the fish boxes???

Banding together

Is that one of the 7 dwarves?

Picture says it all

Finley relaxing on landing day!

How do you spell evil?

Banding fiend

At the wheel

Doug kinda looks like a DFO officer... hmmmm

Radar prepares to ram... who's running that boat... Dublin?

Sun rise over traps

Sun rise over traps

Looking out from the canal



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