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The 2002 Beaton Open

[Brace Yourself]

What do you mean we got a new game???? I liked the old game...

The Ottawa boys take a few practice rounds... for all the good it'll do!

The MacPhee boys... just like the Brophy's...
scared to play in the big leagues of the Beaton Open.

This will be like taking candy from a baby... heh,heh

Behold... the future of the Beaton Open! The game... not Robert!

Tense moments as da Warrior is on defence!

2 Games into the Open and tragedy strikes... a player is injured and
the new future of the Beaton Open is in question! Crazy glue to the rescue!

Rudy guards the beer...making sure no one grabs the wrong one!

Watch your hand bub...

Sara and Kadi

Battle of the titans... both undefeated in regular play!

Hughie hammers Steve silly... he's like a machine...

If you look closer... it appears that Hughie is a
machine... looks like a Termiator with those red eyes!

A closer look reveals that da Warrior isn't at all asleep...
but in fact he's carefully sizing up the competition!

Sara takes on everyone at airhockey!

David cheers from the sidelines!

Doug relaxes between games! ... odd for him to have a smoke & a beer!

...they got dese peanutss... five dollars... get outa here!!

View from a child's perspective... or Robert.

Hey Steve... I'm too drunk to play in the final... go take my place!

I accept the Beaton Open on behalf of Robert MacIntosh...

Pete passes the torch to Steve... next year buddy... next year!

It's in the books now boys... it's in the books...

Is it over yet?

In the aftermath of the Beaton Open the Cards come out... where everyone can breakeven!
David makes his play
He shows an ace...
Darrel shows David where cheaters have to go...

Thanks again Darrel & Betty and everyone who participated!

Who will win the 2003 Beaton Open? Prediction: Finley Beaton - Cup Stays in Nova Scotia!!

And the sun sets on yet another Beaton Open... but already ambitious minds are thinking... "Next year man... Next year is my year!"

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