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What is a Beaton Open



The Beaton Open is an annual table top hockey tournament, open to all who are interested.  This tradition has been celebrated for over 14 years and takes place shortly after Boxing Day… usually on the weekend following Boxing Day at the residence of Darrel Beaton. The action is fast paced and very intense!


Past Beaton Open Winners


1989    Darrel Beaton

1990    Darrel Beaton

1991    Peter Cameron

1992    David Cameron

1993    David Cameron

1994    Peter Cameron

1995    Darrel Beaton

1996    Jeff Brophy

1997    Peter Cameron

1998    Darrel Beaton

1999    Peter Cameron

2000    David Cameron

2001    Peter Cameron

2002    Steve Cameron



(2001 – 2002 not added yet)



How do I win a Beaton Open



Some say that you need to drink a lot, others say avoid drinking too much, still others endorse practising rigorously in the weeks leading up to the Beaton Open (this particular view is very popular with previous Ontario winners).  It seems to all boil down to the 3 Rs: reflexes, relaxation and rebounds; good reflexes, relaxed mental and physical state, and last and likely most importantly getting good rebounds where you or your opponent scores on his own net in the frantic fray of fast paced action.  Sometimes you play the game… sometimes the game plays you.  Check out the Beaton Open forum for the sageful advice of past Champs for more insight at…